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Event photography | Networking at Clockwise, Liverpool

Event photography of evening networkng event at Clockwise, Albert Dock, LiverpoolEvent photography is really important for marketing all kinds of business events. Over the last twenty years networking has become a cornerstone for sales, finding new customers and, most importantly building a network of trusted contacts and collaborators. It’s not only about meeting new people but also about getting to know them and building long term relationships.Read More

Original photography | Why it matters

Brand advertising photography Manchester

How does original photography improve SEO performance?

Many businesses and organisations of all types fall into the trap of using library stock images instead of commissioning original photography to create their own unique content. I think that’s OK if you need a photo of something that you cannot have taken for you. Things like the moon, space flight, flying planes and marine life are all good examples.Read More

Property development photography | Lymm, Cheshire

Property Development photography

Photography of new town houses in Lymm, Cheshire

Property Development photography, residential property photography and commercial property photography is a key part of our work with clients across the North of England and North Wales. The whole point of property development photography is to show potential buyers what it might be like to live, holiday or in the case of commercial property, work in a particular property or development. Read More

Interiors Photography | Liverpool

Office Interiors photography at Clockwise Edward, Albert Dock, Liverpool

Interiors Photography

Interiors photography is really story telling and that story is what it would be like to visit the place shown in the photographs. The Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool is a fascinating place to visit and an amazing place to work from. I’ve been fortunate to do interiors photography of the offices and co-working spaces of Clockwise Liverpool numerous times over the past three years. Read More

Website photography with Ultimate Fitness Cheshire

Gym session with weights and instructor

Website photography, which seems to be called lifestyle photography more and more these days, is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our project calendar. I might be in a minority but I find it difficult to get people to pin down exactly what they mean by lifestyle.

Anyway, before this turns into a rant about semantics, this post is about a shoot we did last year for Ultimate Fitness CheshireRead More

Cut out product photography for websites

golfing e-commerce photography

Two ranges of golfing jackets and gilets. For online shopping websites the white background product photograph works perfectly.

With more and more businesses moving online, having high quality product photography is more important than ever before. Great product photos make the difference between a sale and a swipe past. So, what’s the best way to achieve high quality, high definition white background and cut out product photography?Read More

Railway engineering photography in North Wales

. Rail contracting project photography North Wales


It’s always a privilege to be invited to take photographs of a world rarely seen. Gaining an insight into a niche environment and to meet the people who work in them is always an honour.


Civil engineering photography means getting down and dirty, there’s no getting around it. The only way I could take the most interesting images was to take photographs low down, high up and round the most awkward of corners.

Read More