Railway engineering photography in North Wales

. Rail contracting project photography North Wales


It’s always a privilege to be invited to take photographs of a world rarely seen. Gaining an insight into a niche environment and to meet the people who work in them is always an honour.


Civil engineering photography means getting down and dirty, there’s no getting around it. The only way I could take the most interesting images was to take photographs low down, high up and round the most awkward of corners.

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Manchester | Industrial photography

Panoramic photo of inside of manufacturing facility in Leigh near Manchester

Pentre Group, based in Leigh near Manchester is Europe’s leading manufacturer of reels, drums and spools for Process and Packaging solutions for linear wound products (wire and cables for the non-technical). They make a product that most people don’t ever think about but is critical to every day life. The electricity and communications industries rely on vast amounts of cable, most of which has to be delivered on cable reels so it can be installed.Read More