Website photography with Ultimate Fitness Cheshire

Gym session with weights and instructor

Website photography, which seems to be called lifestyle photography more and more these days, is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our project calendar. I might be in a minority but I find it difficult to get people to pin down exactly what they mean by lifestyle.

Anyway, before this turns into a rant about semantics, this post is about a shoot we did last year for Ultimate Fitness CheshireRead More

Cut out product photography for websites

golfing e-commerce photography

Two ranges of golfing jackets and gilets. For online shopping websites the white background product photograph works perfectly.

With more and more businesses moving online, having high quality product photography is more important than ever before. Great product photos make the difference between a sale and a swipe past. So, what’s the best way to achieve high quality, high definition white background and cut out product photography?Read More

Vintage Gin bottles!

Product photography takes many forms. Sometimes it can be really interesting quirky products like these earthenware gin bottles which can be photographed in interesting locations. Other times it can be plain packs or new products on a white background. offers product photography throughout Cheshire, the Northwest of England and North Wales, and we get asked to photograph all sorts of different products, from the mundane to the exotic. Read More