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How does original photography improve SEO performance?

Many businesses and organisations of all types fall into the trap of using library stock images instead of commissioning original photography to create their own unique content. I think that’s OK if you need a photo of something that you cannot have taken for you. Things like the moon, space flight, flying planes and marine life are all goof examples.

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However, if you can take unique photos for your organisation then you should. Powerful striking photography can become an integral part of a brand’s identity. The ‘look’ of that photography becomes synonymous with the brand.

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In the autumn of 2020 we were commissioned to shoot a new advertising campaign for Cheshire based digital marketing and reputation management agency, Aqueous Digital. Original content was of prime importance for them. I didn’t know that Google knows where photographs are used. And if the same photo is used on multiple websites this impacts on search performance. Original images score higher and it’s much easier to write unique and relevant metadata to describe a unique photograph. When I was chatting to Jonatahn Guy, Aqueous’s Managing Director, he told me that Using original photography can give your SEO a huge boost. Google is constantly searching for new material to include in the search results and by using original, rather than stock photography, you have a far greater chance of appearing high in the Google results. If you also name the images correctly you will stand more chance of appearing in search. For example, instead of uploading an image called ‘IMG_3881’, rename to file to describe what is in the photograph such as ‘fitted-oak-kitchen-by-jones-kitchens’, to allow both users, and Google, to know that you sell fitted oak kitchens and that this photograph is an example of your work.

In contrast to this, using stock photography will mean Google will largely ignore the image, as it already has a copy in its index.

Brand advertising photography Cheshire

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