Pet product photography Cheshire

It’s crucial that I think about the customers who are to buy the products I am photographing. They will want to see the products in context. And in this case, they will want to see actual dogs wearing the coats, sat in cosy beds, behaving in car harnesses, and playing with the toys.


So, truth be told, this was always going to be more than just a product photography session. I had to use my skills as a pet photographer too. Thankfully, this is something I am experienced in and absolutely love doing.

Lighting is key


As a product photographer, I know how important lighting is. It really can make or break the photo. When the lighting is spot on the products look exactly how they do if you were to see them up close and personal in real life.


Let’s face it, no-one wants to fall in love with a product online only to discover that it looks nothing like the photo when it arrives. If this were to happen, the trust between customer and business is gone. The customer is also likely to tell others too. This can damage a brand’s reputation significantly. Imagine if the disgruntled customer were to take to social media too with their complaint! It pays to be honest.


Think of the customer


For every one of my product photography shoots, I keep this question at the front of my mind; “what’s important to the customer?” I’ve always owned a dog so this was easy for me. I just had to think what I would want to see.


Customers of will want reassurance that the products they give to their beloved pets are safe, fun and look smart. To cover all angles, I photographed the dogs staying still to really display the products and running around – after all, that is what dogs are best at.


What will catch the customers’ eye?


I’m mindful that my clients may want to use the images over several platforms. They may use them in their website, for their social media posts, in a brochure – the list goes on.


Before I launched my photography business I was in marketing. This background equips me with the skills to think about the images that will stop someone in their tracks and to take note. Did you know that if something doesn’t catch the eye of a customer in three seconds, the attention has gone?


First impressions count and it’s up to me to help you make them.


Get in touch


If you’d like me to capture your products perfectly, please call us on 01925 471091 or message us through the contact page.

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