Photogrpahy for property developers in Cheshire and Manchester

What attracted you to your home when you first saw it either online or in an estate agent’s window? I bet you could see yourself living there and loved the lifestyle it offered. You will have made an emotional connection without even realising it.

When I was asked to photograph these new properties, I knew that my aim was to make people think, ‘I’d love to live there’.

And as a result of me stirring up these wonderful positive feelings in potential buyers, I’m effectively adding an extra 20% to the value of the property. That’s not just me saying that, it’s been proven. Great property development photography boosts a property’s value up to this percentage due to a surge in interest. Plus, using high quality images from a professional property photographer in Cheshire helps the developer sell the properties quickly. Winner winner!

The FOMO strategy (fear of missing out)

The cost of a house doesn’t just depend on the tangible costs such as materials, builders, architects and the like. It depends on how much someone is willing to pay to live there. If they want it badly enough, they will pay that little bit more.

Here’s what I did:

  • Recce the area so I could see for myself the great features. I thought about what I would like to see if I were looking to buy a new home.
  • Spoke at length to the property developer to understand what it was about their houses that sets them apart from the competition.
  • Asked about the type of person or family they were targeting.
  • Put together a plan of what I had to highlight in the photos to attract buyers.
  • Took the photographs in the best weather conditions. There are many tricks a professional photographer can do to bring out the best in their subjects but taking outdoor photos under dark cloud and in the rain is almost impossible to correct.
  • Made them look like homes. Homes people dream of living in.

Capture a lifestyle

If ever you’ve walked around an empty property development like this one, you’ll know what I mean when I say it feels a little odd. Walking around quiet houses, up carless drives, on unused pavements, feels a little surreal.

Taking photographs with people in them is so much easier to capture a happy and healthy lifestyle. Family members, all with smiley faces, around a dining room table says it all.

There’s no such privilege when you’re shooting empty properties, I have to capture the lifestyle in other ways: making use of the light pouring in from the windows, doors open to lead the eyes from room to room, the amount of storage space and so on.


We’ve all been drawn in to view properties where we ‘can’t believe how big the garden is’, only to discover when we go for a viewing that it was taken from a ‘clever angle’ or with a fisheye lens. Even if we quite liked the property, we’d turn on our heels and leave. Trust is everything when you are selling.

There’s no point trying to trick a potential buyer, they’re bound to catch you out and tell others about their experience. There goes your brand reputation! You guessed it, I always take photographs to give a true perspective of the size of the property, its garden, its driveway, and its rooms. It pays to be honest.

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Andrew, your property photographer in Cheshire



Photogrpahy for property developers in Cheshire and Manchester

Photogrpahy for property developers in Cheshire and Manchester

Photogrpahy for property developers in Cheshire and Manchester