. Rail contracting project photography North Wales


It’s always a privilege to be invited to take photographs of a world rarely seen. Gaining an insight into a niche environment and to meet the people who work in them is always an honour.


Civil engineering photography means getting down and dirty, there’s no getting around it. The only way I could take the most interesting images was to take photographs low down, high up and round the most awkward of corners.

Rail contracting project photography North Wales

Catching all angles

Providing the client with photographs showcasing different aspects of the site is a cost effective solution for them. As a result, the client has a plethora of images to use on their various platform: websites, social media, external marketing and internal communications.

Rail contracting project photography North Wales

Importance of people

Research has proven that images with people in attract the most attention. These are the ones that stop thumbs from scrolling on social media posts. You’ll see that in this shoot the people also added colour, context and gave perspective to the size of the equipment they are working with.


In addition, having actual employees on images provides human interest and highlights that the organisation values them. And did you know that the Yorkshire Tea adverts always feature their own staff – obviously Sean Bean is an exception!


It was my role to be unobtrusive allowing me to capture the engineers and their skilled work perfectly.


Rail contracting project photography North Wales

Outdoor lighting

You’ll spot that the weather conditions were changeable on the day. As a skilled professional photographer I went prepared! I used the cloudy moments to my advantage as these conditions add depth and mood to an image. In addition to this, I took advantage when the clouds momentarily disappeared and captured the broader shots.


As a result of these variations, the client was impressed with the unique photos taken in just one day.


Rail contracting project photography North Wales

The bigger picture

As with all of my commissions, I am mindful of external factors. In this case, the aeroplane and the train added to the industrial feel of the shoot. The site gave me plenty of opportunities to think outside of the box.


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