Gym session with weights and instructor

Website photography, which seems to be called lifestyle photography more and more these days, is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our project calendar. I might be in a minority but I find it difficult to get people to pin down exactly what they mean by lifestyle.

Anyway, before this turns into a rant about semantics, this post is about a shoot we did last year for Ultimate Fitness Cheshire

Busy training session at a gym in South Warrington

Mike had moved his gym from Whitley to Arley and was was having a new website designed and built by Clare Moorhouse at Moorhouse Digital in Northwich.

Mike wanted to create a strong look for the website. And the style of the photography was key to projecting this image. We needed to cover individual 121 training sessions and group training sessions as well as showing the sheer range of of equipment that Ultimate Fitness Cheshire have in their new gym.

Busy training session at a gym  in Cheshire

We discussed photography styles and lighting and decided on fairly hard, angular lighting and plenty of clarity and contrast. The style of photography is really important and it’s a thing that some clients overlook when choosing a photographer, preferring to focus on price. That’s OK to an extent but what you actually get for your money is much more important. For this shoot I used my Canon full frame cameras with wide angle lenses and out trusty Profoto B1 flash heads and a selection of modifiers. For the wider shots I used a Profoto 120cm Octa but left the diffusers off to keep the lighting as hard and contrasty as possible. The diffusers are great for softening the light for portraiture but this time we wanted the opposite. For the 121 training shots I paired a B2 with a 3×2 soft box to the left of the subject to create light and shadow and give some depth to the picture and to place more emphasis on the trainer. I used the big octa to light background and add more shadows from the apparatus.

Personal training session at Ultimate Fitness Cheshire in South Warrington

Is your business standing out on social and on your website? Does the quality and style of photography send the right messages and tell the right story?

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view of gym equipment at Ultimate Fitness Cheshire

Busy gym session with rowing machines and step blocks

Weight training at Ultimate Fitness Cheshire in Warrington

Rowing class at Ultimate Fitness CHeshire Gym in Warrington Cheshire

Weight training class at a gym in Warrington, Cheshire

One to one fitness training with instruction