golfing e-commerce photography

Two ranges of golfing jackets and gilets. For online shopping websites the white background product photograph works perfectly.

With more and more businesses moving online, having high quality product photography is more important than ever before. Great product photos make the difference between a sale and a swipe past. So, what’s the best way to achieve high quality, high definition white background and cut out product photography?

Dog clothing photographs for e-commerce websites

Two different colourways of the same garment design. The white background means the different colour options can be seen easily.

Every year we photograph a wide range of products, from the gas cylinders shown here, to apparel (clothing and head gear), tech products, packaged products and large industrial products.

How we deliver our services

We work to provide the most flexible service possible to our clients. As commercial photographers based in Warrington Cheshire we are perfectly located to serve clients in Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Staffordshire, North Wales and West Yorkshire. We com to you. We will set up a mini studio at our clients’ premises meaning that products don’t have to be delivered to us and collected again after the shoot. Our Profoto portable lighting system is both powerful accurate. It provides accurate and consistent light output and colour balance.

We carry our own white chromakey (green or blue) backgrounds which can quickly be set up in an office or warehouse space. Working at your location means that you can have full editorial control of the shoot and approval of the photographs as they are taken.

Cut out photo of gas cylinders with background removed to show how background colour can be changed.

Here is an example of a product with the background removed so that a white or other background can be added in Photoshop.

What about retouching and cutting out

Most products require a degree of retouching to remove blemishes such as loose threads on garments, scratches and marks on packaged goods, swapping of brand logos where needed, product colour changes and so on. And of course the all important cutting out so that the products can be placed on white or other coloured backgrounds. Shadows can be applied to add perspective and depth to the final photographs.

White background product photography Warrington

Several garments photographed and layered to show colour options.

How much do we charge?

Pricing depends on the number of products to be photographed, the number of photos required for each product and the size of the products. Big and heavy products take longer to position on set than very small products, packaged goods need less preparation for photography than clothing where garments may need ironing or pressing before being photographed. On receiving every client brief, we do a detailed scoping and analysis of the project and then provide a detailed written quotation which also includes options for additional products or services to add on to shoot if required so there are no surprises.

Could I get a cheaper quote elsewhere

More than likely yes, you probably could get a cheaper quote from another photographer. We keep our prices keen but we need to allow enough time to do the job properly. We don’t cut corners as our photographs need to sell your products and the quality reflects on your business. We also need to reinvest in new equipment, techniques and training to keep our business on track. That investment maintains our service levels for our clients. This approach has served us well since we started way back in 2007. And we’re still working for some of our very first clients after fourteen years in business.

Get in touch

Please call us on 01925 471091 or message us through the contact page to see how we can support your next project.