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Head shots in Liverpool with the author Mike Hughes

Environmental business portraits in Liverpool by Andrew Collier Photography

Mike is writing a book about a psychological condition called anhedonism. The Swing Brick, an anhedonist’s memoir is Mike’s story about living with a condition where sufferers lack the ability to experience pleasure. Anhedonism comes from the Greek ‘an’ -lacking, and hedone – pleasure. Imagine not getting excited about anything. As he says in his book, Mike’s the guy who won’t talk to you about how his football team is doing, what happened on his favourite TV show last night, the latest gadgets or celebrity gossip. Read More

Vintage Gin bottles!

Product photography takes many forms. Sometimes it can be really interesting quirky products like these earthenware gin bottles which can be photographed in interesting locations. Other times it can be plain packs or new products on a white background. Yourcommericalphotographer.com offers product photography throughout Cheshire, the Northwest of England and North Wales, and we get asked to photograph all sorts of different products, from the mundane to the exotic. Read More

Food photography for Sexton’s Bakery in Lymm

Food photography of bread coming from the oven at Sexton's Bakery, Lymm, Cheshire
A few weeks ago I went down to Sexton’s Bakery in Lymm village to take some ‘how we do what we do’ photographs for their new website. As commercial photographers based in Lymm, Warrington Cheshire, we get to photograph all kinds of commercial photography but this session was special because we were photographing live as the bakers baked the bread, pies and cakes for sale in Sexton’s Bakery and cafe that day.Read More

Howard Worth 2017 Budget Breakfast
Event photography at 2017 Howard Worth Budget Briefing with Justin Urquhart Stewart at The Portal Hotel, Tarporley, Cheshire

Howard Worth Managing Partner Richard Barnett with Justin Urquhart Stewart from 7IM

When I was thinking about a title for this blog post I couldn’t help thinking that ‘breakfast’ and ‘budget’ in the same sentence might imply a cut price meal to start the day. The reality is anything but. Howard Worth is the largest multi-discipline accountancy firm in Cheshire. After every budget they host a budget briefing and breakfast to explain the changes announced in the Chancellor’s budget and the implications for business owners and private individuals. Read More

Industrial photography at Weir Minerals, Todmorden, West Yorkshire
Industrial photography at a manufacturing facility in Yorkshire

Industrial photography at Todmorden, West Yorkshire showing activity in the foundry, machine shops and paint shops.

When Weir Minerals needed new photography to demonstrate their manufacturing process they asked Andrew to go over and photograph the key areas of their manufacturing facility. Here’s a small selection of photographs from the session.

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